Sink or Float Project for Primary School

Sink or float project

Sink or Float Project for School Goers: Have you ever tried to wash your fruits and vegetables? If not, try it today. You will see that some of the fruits and vegetables sink while others float. In this project we will be using oranges, lemons, apples, potatoes, tomatoes, and grapes to see what happens to each of them in water. So, are you ready to see whether the fruits and vegetables sink or float?

An experiment guiding the actions of this project is here:

Project Question:

Do all fruits sink in water?

Things that you need:

  1. A Jar or a bowl that is big enough to submerge your fruit or vegetable
  2. Fruits and vegetables (Orange, lemon, apple, potato, tomato, and grapes)
  3. A kitchen scale
  4. A large pan that can hold the jar or bowl
  5. A measuring cup or a beaker with measurements
  6. Water enough for the experiments
  7. A calculator
  8. Project data card


Step 1: Place the jar or bowl into the pan.

Step 2: Fill the jar or bowl with water but make sure that the water is not spilling to the pan.

Step 3: Slowly and carefully lower a fruit or vegetable into the jar or bowl. Don’t worry, in this step some water will spill to the pan. However, water should not spill out of the pan.

Step 4: Note that whether the fruit/vegetable is sinking or floating and note that to your project data card.

Step 5: Take out the jar/bowl and collect the water in pan to the measuring cup. Note the measuring cup readings in milliliters. This is the volume of that fruit/vegetable. Note this on the project data card.

Step 6: Weigh the fruit or vegetable using the scale. Note this on the project data card.

Step 7: Now calculate the density. Density = weight in grams / volume in milliliters.

Step 8: Try to assess if there is any relationship between the volume, weight, or density of fruits/vegetables with floating/sinking.

Project data chart:



(in milliliters)

(in grams)



Yes / No



Yes / No



Yes / No



Yes / No



Yes / No



Yes / No


From the above observations, write your conclusion about the fruits that sink or float and discuss the matter with your friends and teachers. See more experiments and projects in our fun & learn experiments section.

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