Sinking – Floating Experiment

floating sinking experiment

Sinking – Floating Experiment

Sinking – Floating Experiment: Do you think that all objects with heavy weight sink? If so, there are some wooden logs, which are heavier than a stone, float while the stone sinks. Let us try to understand the logic behind this using a simple experiment below.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. A stone
  2. Wooden block (heavier than the stone)
  3. A large container (transparent)
  4. A balance
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Markers of three colors – Red, Green, and Blue
  7. A needle
  8. A paper and a pen to note your records
  9. A friend

What next?

Step 1: Pour water into the container. Do not fill the container but should be enough to hold the stone and the wooden block.

Step 2: Mark the level of water on the container using the red marker.

Step 3: Weigh the stone and note its weight on the paper.

Step 4: Weigh the wooden block and note its weight on the paper. Make sure that the wooden block is heavier than the stone.

Step 5: Carefully drop the stone into the container of water. Wait until the water is stabilized.

Step 6: Mark the level of water on the container using the green marker. Observe whether the stone is sinking or floating. Observe the position of green mark against the red mark. Note your observations.

Step 7: Remove the stone, and refill the container with water to have water until the red mark.

Step 8: Now place the wooden block in the container of water. Observe whether the wooden block is floating or sinking. Note your observation.

Step 9: Use the needle to push the wooden block completely under water. Keep it stable and ask your friend to mark the new level of water using the blue marker. Compare the positions of red, green, and blue markings.

This experiment can be more reliable if you can calculate the volume of each object.


Logic Behind Sinking – Floating: Why is it happening? Why the heavier wooden block floats while the stone that has less weight sinks? You can find its answer here.

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