Solar System Quiz for Beginners & Juniors

360 degree view of Solar System
Welcome to the Solar System Quiz!

Earth is our home and solar system is home to earth. There are a lot many facts about our Solar System. Humans know a few things while we many facts are still hidden from us. Our Solar system is only one among such systems in the larger universe. No one knows about the ends of the Universe. Test your knowledge of the solar system by taking our solar system quiz here.

This quiz is best for Beginners and Juniors.

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1. Which among the following stars is the part of our Solar System?

2. Where from we can see stars even during the day time?
3. Which among the following planets of Sun has no natural satellites?

4. Which is the largest Natural Satellite on our Solar System?
5. Which among the following planet is named after the Greek God symbolizing sky?
6. Which among the following matches well to the phrase ‘belt of icy bodies’?
7. Which is the farthest planet (major planet) from the Sun?
8. Which among the following planet was demoted as a dwarf planet in the recent years?
9. Which is the nearest planet to Sun?

10. Who discovered Saturn?

There are a lot many things that we still needs to know about our earth and its surroundings. If you are really interested to learn more about the Earth and Space, please see our lessons on Earth and Space.

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