How Much Sugar in Your Drinks?

Sugar in Drink

Sugar in your DrinksDo you love to drink packed juices and sodas like Pepsi and Coca Cola? I know that you all love it, but do you know how much sugar you are taking when you drink one glass of packed juice or soda? Let us see it all by ourselves through our “How Much Sugar in Your Drinks?” experiment.

Try it yourself

You need:

  1. A can of soda (Pepsi, Coca Cola, 7up, or anything of your choice)
  2. A pack of Juice
  3. Two saucepans
  4. A heater
  5. A scale to weigh
  6. A glass tumbler (for measuring)

This experiment uses fire (or heat) and so must be administered only by an adult.

What next?

Step 1: Take one of the saucepans and measure its weight and record.

Step 2: Pour a glass tumbler full of soda into the measured saucepan.

Step 2: Measure the weight of the saucepan with the soda and record it. This weight minus the weight of saucepan is the weight of soda.

Step 3: Keep the saucepan on the heater and heat dry the entire liquid. Once you heat dry the entire liquid, you are left with sugar.

Step 4: Now measure the weight of saucepan with sugar. This weight minus the saucepan initial weight is the weight of sugar in one tumbler of soda.

Step 5: Repeat all the steps with Juice and see how much sugar it has.


Packed juices and sodas contain a high amount of sugar. When heated the liquid, the fluid will get evaporated and the sugar will remain.

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