What do you know about a Supernova?

SupernovaWe have learned that our galaxy is a very huge and vast place in the Universe. It has many stars like our Sun and even bigger than our Sun. Not just that it is a huge association of stars, planets, and satellites, the Milky Way is also an eventful location in the space. There are frequent explosions in the Milky Way that lit up the galaxy every time it happens. These are explosions of supergiant stars which may be many times bigger than that of our sun, and the event is called supernova. This occurs during the final stellar evolutionary phases of a giant star’s life. When such an event takes place, the dying star may shine with the brightness equivalent to that of 10 billion suns.

It can happen when a supergiant star runs out of nuclear fuel in its core. At this point of time, it is unable to give out any more energy and the core of the star collapses to cause supernova.

Supernovas can be caused by small stars too. These small stars are known as white dwarfs. It happens when a small star attracts too much of materials from nearby stars and as the gas built up makes the white dwarf so hot and active to end up in an explosion.

We discussed that supernovas are frequent, but they are more frequent than the buses plying through your busiest roads. Scientists believe that approximately one supernova occurs in every second. Not only they are so frequent, they are even brighter than the galaxy itself.

The last observed Supernova was in 2015. It is also regarded as “superlumious supernova” as it was the most luminous supernova ever observed.

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