Thaumatrope Examples

Thaumatrope Definition, Thaumatrope examples

Thaumatrope is a fun device that was popular in 19th century. The device was popular as a scientific toy for demonstrating optical illusion. In this post we are going to see some of the most tried Thaumatrope Examples.

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant is one of the best and easiest among the thaumatrope examples that you can try on a paper disk. Take a paper disk and draw a plant, on one side, without flowers on it. Draw some flowers on the other side positioned in such a way that the flowers are placed on the branches of the tree behind. Now use a thread on the edges of the disk and twirl the disk quickly. You will notice that the plant has flowers on it.

Lit a candle

Another easy to do among thaumatrope examples. All steps remain same. All you have to do is change the images. On one side of the disk you need to draw a candle without flame. On the other side draw just a flame. Twirl the disk to see the effect.

Other examples

Thaumatrope Definition, Thaumatrope examples

You can also try with bird in a cage, fish in a pot, flower vase and other examples too. They all explain persistence of vision, an optical illusion.

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