The Crow in a Pigeon Dress


PigeonOnce there lived a crow in a village. In the village there was a farmer who kept some pigeons in his farm. He loved the pigeons and offered them with best quality feeds every morning. Crow who lived with his friends had to find his own food and fight with his friends for a shelter. The sight of farmer feeding the pigeons made the crow extremely jealous. He too wanted to have some tasty feeds and live comfortably like the pigeons.

After some days of thinking, the crow decided to paint himself as a pigeon and get to the feed that the villager gives. He was looking just like another pigeon and the pigeons did not doubt the crow’s presence. He enjoyed the feed with the pigeons for a couple of days.

One day, the feed was different and the taste differed considerably. One of pigeons asked the crow about the taste of feed, and the crow replied him instantly. When the crow opened his mouth to reply the pigeon, his sound was dissimilar to the pigeons and he was caught. The raged pigeons pecked him away from the farm.

The crow being attacked by the pigeons wanted to return to his own friends. The color he painted on his body was not matching to the rest of the crows. Hence, his friends too chased him away. This resulted him to live alone far from his friends and the pigeons, until the rain washed away those colors from his body.

Moral of the Story: Do not act like someone that you are not.


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