The Rainforest

The Rainforest

The RainforestThe Rainforest: Rainforests are one of the most important biomes that help the weather pattern in our world. These are forests with high rainfall. There are two types of rainforests on the Earth – Tropical Rainforests and Temperate Rainforests.

Both tropical and temperate rainforests share some of the characteristics. In either of these rainforests, vegetation is dense. Both the biomes have tall green trees and are rich in animal life. Both the rainforests are blessed with regular rainfalls throughout the year.

Despite the similarities, there are many differences between these rainforests. When tropical rainforest has warm climate, temperate forest experiences cool climate. When temperate forests own trees with leaves like needles, in tropical forests have trees with broad leaves. Tropical forests host many species of trees while temperate rainforests host fewer species. The plant life in tropical forests lives shorter life while temperate forests live longer (almost 10 times longer).

Giant bamboo plants in the rainforests can grow up to 9 inches a day. The trees in a rainforest are so densely populated and thickly packed that the rain falling on the canopy can take as much as ten minutes to reach the ground. There are much more fun to learn rainforest facts, which you can find here.

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