The Wise King

The Wise King

The Wise KingStory of a Wise King: Once, in a small country, there lived a barber. He worked hard but spent less to save a good portion of his hard earned money. For keeping his money secured, he covered all his possessions in a jute bag and buried it deep under the soil behind his house. After covering the burrow with soil, he planted a Vasaka plant over it.

Every morning he visited the plant and nurtured it. One morning, as he visited the plant, he found that the plant was uprooted. He rushed towards his savings and saw that the money bag was missing. He was so upset and sad. The poor barber approached the king and explained all what happened to him.

The King, who had carefully listened to the story of the barber thought for a while and said, “Don’t worry my dear! I will get your money back.” Though sad, the barber was hopeful as he left the palace.

After the barber left his courtyard, the King acted as if he was very sick. His ministers invited physicians from different places of the country. The King listened to each physician to learn their method of treatment before undergoing any medication. At last the King chose a physician who treated his patients with Vasaka roots.

“I would like to go for your treatment. But, you need to prove that how efficient you are. Bring your last patient who used your Vasaka treatment and let him vouch”, the King asked the physician.

Thus the physician summoned his last patient to the court. Seeing the patient, the King got off from the bed and asked him to bring the money he got when he removed the Vasaka plant.

The patient accepted that he got a treasure when he was searching for Vasaka root and brought the money bag to the King. The King called the barber and returned his savings. Everyone in the country praised the wisdom of the King.

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