What is Traumatic Brain Injury? Interesting Facts About TBI

What is traumatic brain injury?

You must have learned about several injuries and health ailments, but what is Traumatic Brain Injury? Is Traumatic Brain Injury fatal? This is a post created after receiving a query from one of our young readers.

What is traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injury or TBI, is very common and intense event that can even take life. Like any other injuries, Traumatic Brain Injury can also be sudden – a normally behaving and living person can suddenly be impacted by TBI to change his entire life.

As we know, our brain controls everything about us. It is the brain that help us to be the way as we are. That way, a brain injury is completely different from any other injuries, say a fractured arm or a broken limb. A brain injury can affect our entire life and so the entire body. While most other injuries won’t stop our body parts from healing, brain injuries do not heal. That explains our first question, “What is Traumatic Brain injury?”  in simple words. Read further to learn a few interesting facts about traumatic brain injury.

Interesting Facts About Traumatic Brain Injury

It can be an abrupt event.

Traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon among humans. They are very similar to other injuries that they can be a sudden and unpredictable event.

Is the problem really big?

In 2013, only in United States of America, traumatic brain injury caused nearly 50,000 human death. The rate of reported TBI cases are increasing at a higher pace. During the same year, in US, over 300,000 children were treated for the same reason.

What are the leading causes of traumatic brain injury?

In 2013, falls were reported as the leading cause for TBI. Falls were followed by ‘being struck’. Many cases were reported under TBI after being struck against an object. Motor vehicle accidents and intentional self-harms were the other two major reasons.

This article was written on the basis of a request. We are otherwise into science experiments and science projects for kids.



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