Two Shoe Sellers


Once upon a time, there lived two shoe sellers in a village. They were both good at their work and creative in making attractive shoes. However, as the shoes that they produced were of high quality and lasted for several months, the recurrent demand of their shoes reduced in their local market.

Being friends, the shoe sellers discussed the matter between them. They decided to explore new markets to sell their shoes. The first shoe seller, Mark, went out to a farther and remote village to analyze the possibility of selling his shoes there. Mark walked around the village for a whole day and returned to his home town in the evening.

“Mark, how was your day?” His competitor and friend, Abdullah asked Mark.

“It was not a good day, Abdullah. That village has no demand for our products. I did not see a single person using a sandal or even a slipper. How can we sell shoes to them?” Abdullah was disappointed.

“What did you say? Did you say that they are not even using slippers?” Abdullah asked his friend.

“Yeah, not even slippers,” Mark confirmed.

“Then we must start our business there,” Abdullah said.

“What are you saying?”

“Yes my dear friend. It is the best place to sell our products. We can sell slippers to them first, and then slowly sell shoes too. That is the perfect market for us…”

Thus the sellers moved to the new market and enjoyed a wonderful demand for their products there.

Moral of the story: There is an opportunity hidden in every environment.

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