Amazing Facts About Water (Water Facts)

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Amazing Facts About WaterWater, water everywhere. Water is important for us,  without water no living being can survive. Do you know that water is the reason for the existence of life in our planet?. It covers two third of our planet Earth. Actually it is a transparent liquid that has no colour, smell and taste. A water molecule is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom makes a water molecule to have its chemical formula as H2O. There are many interesting facts about this magical fluid. Learn some of the amazing facts about water here:

10 Amazing Facts About Water

Fact 1: Life first started in water. Based on some of the scientific theories, life began on earth some four billion years ago. The theory also states that the first form of life was a long chemical chain of nucleic acids. More interestingly, the scientists believe that the life started in a pool of water, which they call as ‘soup’.

Facts 2: Almost Eighty percentage of the human brain is water. The percentage of water in our human body varies according to age and gender. However, almost 77 to 78% of our brain is made of water. Not finished; almost 60% of a human adult’s body is composed of water. Water is a secret ingredient to stay healthy; all you need to do is drink at least 2 liters of fresh water daily.

Facts 3: All living things require water to live. We can survive without food for weeks but without water we can leave only for a few days. Although some of the animals can sustain a bit longer than humans, the absence of water can kill humans, animals, and all other living things.

Fact 4: Water is the only substance that can be found in four states (naturally): We know that water can be in liquid state (water itself), in gas state (water vapour), in solid state (ice), and also in plasma state. We can find water on earth in all these four states naturally, but not any other substance.

Fact 5: The word water means water in its liquid state. The solid state of water is known as ice while the gas state of water is known as steam or water vapor.

Fact 6: There is just three percent of pure water on Earth.  We know that the 2/3rd portion of Earth is covered by water. Well, only less than 3% of this large volume of water is drinkable on Earth. A large 97% of water is saline and ocean-based. Further more, there is only 1% of the clean water which is accessible to us.

Fact 7: Pure water has no smell and no taste, it also has a pH level around 7.

Fact 8: Water and Capillary Action. Water can move up through narrow tubes against the force of gravity. This capability of liquids is known as Capillary Action. Check out our water experiments  to know more about capillary action and other water related concepts.

Fact 9: Water for Electricity. Water plays a major role in producing electricity. When we generate electricity from the force of water it is known as hydro power plants. Water is also used in thermal plants for the purpose of cooling, emission control, and in other activities.

Fact 10: Water act as a good solvent. This magical liquid is also capable of dissolving very many different substances like sugar, salt, acids, etc. Water is also known as universal solvent because it can dissolve more substances in it than any other liquids.

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