Dry Ice Poppers

Dry Ice PoppersDry Ice PoppersDry ice is frozen/solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It is useful in cooling materials in shipping and refrigerators, cleaning and for doing awesome science experiments. But we should take proper care while using and storing it.

Here we are going to do a prank experiment with dry ice. Do not try this at closed area. Since the experiment leads to explosion and loud noise do it only under the supervision of an adult. However, this experiment requires dry ice. Dry ice can be procured from your near by lab suppliers or you can make it at your own home.

You need:

  1. A zip-lock bag
  2. Some dry ice
  3. Some warm water
  4. A pair of cloth gloves or leather gloves

What Next?

Arrange the materials you needed for the experiment in the work space. Don’t touch dry ice without wearing heavy duty gloves, it causes frostbite.

Step 1: Take the zip-lock bag and add dry ice into it.

Step 2: Followed by step 1 add some warm water to the bag and seal it.

Step 3: Immediately place the completely air – tight bag  on a table and move away from the space.

Step 4: After some minutes, due to high pressure of CO2 gas generated inside, the bag will explode.

Do you know the logic of this dry ice poppers experiment? Check it out below.


The reason for the explosion in your dry ice poppers experiment is simple. When solid CO2 changes in to gaseous carbon dioxide it exerts high pressure on the walls of the zip-lock bag. This high pressure shoots out and pops the sealed container. There are a lot more science experiments that you can do with dry ice.



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